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Harvey A Feit

Harvey A Feit

Harvey A Feit


Professor Emeritus

Emeriti Faculty


Interests: Relational ontologies, co-governance, political and narrative ecology, globalization and Indigeniety, ethnography, colonial representations, non-state conservation, social and environmental movements, hunting societies, applying anthropology, history of anthropology, Indigenous rights, Quebec and Canada.

Current Research: My current research examines ontologies of James Bay Cree, in which nature and society are integrated in a world of persons and networks of connection. I explore how these worlds are related to specific forms of political and cultural practices in Cree struggles and negotiations with development projects, nation states and relations to non-Natives.


  • PhD McGill, 1979




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2009 "Governmental Rationalities and Indigenous Co-Governance: James Bay Cree Co-Existence, from Mercantilist Partnerships to Neoliberal Mechanisms." In Unsettled Legitimacy: Political Community, Power, and Authority in a Global Era. Steven Berstein and William D. Coleman, eds. Vancouver: UBC Press. Pp. 97-128.

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2005 Joseph Spaeder and Harvey A. Feit, eds. Co-management and Indigenous Communities: Barriers and Bridges to Decentralized Resource Management. A special issue of Anthropologica 47 (2): 147-288.

2005 "Re-Cognizing Co-Management as Co-Governance: Histories and Visions of Conservation at James Bay." Anthropologica. 47 (2): 267-288.

2004  In the Way of Development: Indigenous Peoples, Life Projects and Globalization. Mario Blaser, Harvey A. Feit and Glenn McRae, eds.  London and Ottawa: Zed Books, and the Canadian International Development Research Center.  384 pp. (Published on the WEB at: ).
2004 "James Bay Crees' Life Projects and Politics: Histories of Place, Animal Partners and Enduring Relationships" In Blaser, Feit and McRae, eds. (Above). pp. 92-110.


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