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Career Placements

Explore potential careers through job shadowing

Learn about career that interests you by spending time with professionals

Career Placements are unpaid job shadow experiences that provide exposure to various occupations/professions in preparation for future careers.

You will spend 2-4 hours per week for 4-6 weeks shadowing professionals at a host organization.

Career Placements are an opportunity to:

  • meet professionals that currently work in a field of interest;
  • expand your knowledge about career options within a particular field;
  • make more informed decisions about whether a job is "right" for you;
  • see first-hand how your classroom learning applies to work-related settings,
  • expand your network of contacts; and,
  • build your resume.
Career Placement information & forms

Career Placement information & forms

Did you know you don't need to take Intro to Career Planning (SOC SCI 2ELO) to take part in a Career Placement?

Find Career Placement information & forms.

What do you do in a Career Placement?

Zach Hartley


"My EE experience with the Hamilton Police Service opened my mind to the various careers that exist within policing, and I am excited to explore the opportunities in counselling for victims and officers through my degree in Sociology."

Some of the things you may be doing include:

  • touring the work space;
  • shadowing the person while they complete work tasks;
  • sitting in on meetings and other work-related events/activities;
  • conducting 'information interviews' where you will be able to ask questions related to the role or field (e.g. relating to the education required, typical work hours,  work/life balance etc.); and,
  • meeting other staff within the area.

2016-2017 Career Placements

There is no limit to the number of Career Placement opportunities that a student can apply to and participate in within an academic year (provided the student is able to attend, in full, all placement dates).

Each placement has specific dates, times and other details as requested by the host agency/organization.  Please ensure that you read the information sheet for each Career Placement prior to submitting your application.  This will help to ensure that you are aware of unique characteristics of the placement as well as general information pertaining to the required statement of interest.

All Career Placement Applications must be submitted to KTH 102 prior to 4:00pm on the deadline date stated on the Application Form. 

Career Field/Organization

Number of Placements Available Application Deadline Date

Application Documents

Government and Finance
Canada Revenue Agency
8 September 14, 2016

Application Closed

Community Health
North Hamilton Community Health Centre

3-4 September 14, 2016

Application Closed

Human Resources
McMaster University

5 November 18, 2016

Application Closed

It is the applicant's sole responsibility to ensure they meet all eligibility criteria, that applications are complete and that all information is accurate.

NOTE: It is strongly recommended that all students completing a Career Placement complete the following McMaster University health and safety training modules: Ergonomics, Office WHMIS, Slips, Trips and Falls and Violence and Harassment.  *Completion of training is NOT required to apply for a placement.

Please note that any and all information provided in any application to Experiential Education, including supporting documentation, may be subject to clarification and/or verification for authenticity and accuracy.

To find out more about any of the current opportunities, please contact: