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Events & Workshops

Career focussed workshops and events

Career Conversations & Panels

Career Conversations and Career Panels are informal events where professionals from the community come to campus and "converse" with small groups of students. Professionals share information about their career and education path and answer your questions. 

Career Conversations and Panels will take place throughout the year.  We have a number of guest from various career fields including law, media, human resources, communications, public health, social justice, teaching, youth services, policy and the environment.

Registration is only open to students registered in the Faculty of Social Sciences, and who meet EE eligibility criteria.

Additional information about each speaker and event details are available on OSCARplus.  Spaces are limited for each event.

OSCARplus under Social Sciences > Events

OSCARplus under Social Sciences > Events

Did you know attending a career conversation or panel is a great way to learn about a career that is interesting to you?  You'll get to ask professionals questions about what it is like working in the field.

Students must register on OSCARplus under Social Sciences > Events

Career Networking Breakfast

Career Networking Breakfast

At a networking event you can meet a number professional and learn about lots of careers in just a couple of hours. It takes a lot less time than knocking on doors.

Career Networking Breakfast

This event provides Social Sciences students in Level III, IV, or graduate studies with the opportunity to learn about potential career paths and the value of a Social Sciences degree by connecting them with a variety of industry professionals from the private, public, and not-for-profit sectors.

Every year we invite 12-13 professionals from a variety of disciplines to engage with students in an effort to showcase the diverse careers that are available to social sciences graduates and to build and enhance your networking skills, which are instrumental in career exploration and job searching.

Additional information to be announced! To learn more, visit last year's event page.