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Experiential Education Ambassadors

Experiential Education (EE) Ambassadors are volunteers who are responsible for reaching out to the Social Sciences student population through events, classroom presentations, information sessions, disseminating promotional materials etc. The goal is to promote Experiential Education (EE) to students in an effort to increase student engagement in EE activities and to develop a greater understanding of the value of experiential learning.

Meet the 2015/2016 EE Ambassadors:

Shaina McDonald

Favourite EE program/event: If only I could pick one. SOC SCI 2EL0, Career Countdown Conference, and the Hamilton Tedx Conference that I was able to attend through the Hamilton Matters Fund.

Why you should get involved in EE: Because why wouldn't you?  All of the services are nothing but beneficial for you and your educational experience.  I guarantee that regardless of who you are, or what interests you may have, there are several opportunities waiting for you to take advantage of.

Shaina McDonald

Level IV, Social Psychology, McMaster University

"I really love the support it provides for students, and I want to do as much as I can to enable students to fully understand the value of EE programming opportunities."

Dragana Trkulja

Level III, Political Science & Communication Studies

"It is even more important today to have experience and connections in order to find a job after university and EE is able to deliver that to students in the social sciences who do not normally get the chance to take part in internships and networking events."

Dragana Trkulja

Favourite EE Program/Event: The 2EL0 class with Cindy Schooley is my favourite program, Cindy is an amazing mentor that helps students with resumes, interview skills and basic job finding skills.

Why you should get involved in EE: It provides students with opportunities to explore different career options and paths which is very useful if you are still uncertain about what you would like to do or have ideas about the future. All the opportunities available at the EE office are there to help students with their future and figuring out where you want to go and how to get there.

Brad Keslick

Favourite EE program/event: After volunteering at the Career Networking Breakfast, I witnessed how beneficial this event was; being able to casually sit down with professionals from different social science related fields to learn more about job opportunities and different directions to take. I’m excited for next year when I can participate in that! And of course, who doesn’t love SOC SCI 2EL0!

Why you should get involved in EE: If you are indecisive about what to pursue or what you can get involved in to compliment your learning and acquire professional skills – get involved in EE. There are numerous opportunities for everyone to try something that can help them grow academically, professionally and learn new things!

Brad Keslick

Level II, Social Psychology

"I was first introduced to Experiential Education (EE) back in my first year when I took SOC SCI 1EL0. I took this course out of interest and to help with my transition into university. After that I took SOC SCI 2EL0 and since then my interest in EE participation grew!"

Asefeoluwa (Shayfe) Abodunrin

Level II, Political Science & Economics

"I love the opportunity it gives Social Sciences students to explore the many career options available to them and pick the one best suited to them. I wanted to help with engaging more Social Sciences students in the events offered."

Asefeoluwa (Shayfe) Abodunrin

Favourite EE Program/Event: SOC SCI 2ELO! It reduced my nervousness for writing resumes and cover letters. I would also definitely say the Career Networking Breakfast, because who doesn’t like free breakfast and the opportunity to get advice from professionals. It is like a bonfire social, only in a professional environment with a beautiful hall! 

Why you should get involved in EE: I believe many Social Sciences students like me have had at least one career path crisis. Should I be a lawyer or a financial advisor? A social worker or a counsellor? EE helps you experience the many options you have and allows you to carve your own career path.