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Academic Placements

Community-based volunteer experiences

Academic placements engage individuals or groups of students in unpaid community-based/volunteer experiences that directly relate to a specific academic course. These placements are negotiated between the host organization and the Faculty of Social Sciences, Experiential Education office to find opportunities and projects that are mutually beneficial in fulfilling the needs of the organization and the course objectives.Placements normally range from approximately 20-40 hours per term (2-4 hours per week over a ten-week period), but can be as much as 80 hours per term (8 hours per week over a ten-week period).Activities/projects may be completed by either individuals or groups of students. Placements normally occur in the fall or winter terms, beginning in either September or January.

Academic Placements can provide your organizations an opportunity to:

  • receive support to accomplish projects or provide client service;
  • teach students about the needs that exist in the community, while providing them with an opportunity to apply what they learn in the classroom to real-life experiences;
  • and,be introduced to a diverse population of students from the Faculty of Social Sciences, all of which are potential future volunteers or employees.

Academic Placements provide students an opportunity to:

  • enrich the classroom experience by allowing them to be an active participant in learning;
  • learn more about and contribute to the community around them;
  • apply classroom learning to practical, hands-on experiences;
  • develop new skills under the supervision of someone more experienced; and,
  • expand their network of contacts and build their resume.


For more information about Academic Placements, please contact: